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The Most Important Maintenance Items You Can do Yourself on Your Vehicle

Car Service

Buying a car is a major investment, so you want to keep it looking good and at peak performance for as long as you can. Thankfully, modern cars last longer and cost less to repair or maintain than they did some 50 years ago. However, there are still a number of things you need to do to keep your car in good shape.

When you buy a car, you’ll get an owner’s manual that has information and technical details about the carl. This manual will have service and maintenance points about every component from windshield wipers to the engine itself. It may seem like a lot but you don’t have to master every little aspect. There are a few important things you will need to remember to keep your car in good working condition for years to come.


Cars need oil to keep the engine working smoothly. However, exhaust gasses and small bits of metal will contaminate the oil … Read the rest